TINI Board

TINI Dokumentation

 DS80C400 Datasheet (1.6M )
 High-Speed Microcontroller User Guide (1.2M )
 User Guide DS80C400 Supplement (1.6M )
 The TINI Specification and Developer's Guide (Don Loomis) (3.6M )
 TINI 400 Module Datasheet (252K )
 TINI 400 Socket Datasheet (470K )
 App613 - Using the Keil C Compiler for the DS80C400 (687K )
 App615 - Design Considerations for DS80C400-Based TINI Systems (216K )
 DS80C400 Silicon Software Programmers Guide - Preliminary (430K )

Datablade til RAM, Flash m.m.

 Flash SST39VF080 (424K )
 SRAM M68AW511 (Farnell) ( 92K )
 RTC DS1672U-33 (254K )
 NVRAM controller MAX6365 (222K )
 IEEE MAC address 1-wire DS2502-E48 (143K )
 RS-232 Transciver MAX560 (340K )

Keil C-Compiler

 Compiler Manual C51 (1.1M )
 Assembler Manual A51 (1.6M )

TINI Links

 TINI Product Tree
 Unofficial TINI Information Site

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